Ulla Vitting Richards set up Vildnis after 16 years of high-flying careers in the fashion industry. The brand really began in Ulla’s childhood in Denmark, where the wonders of nature and the national commitment to the environment combined to create a passion for sustainability. Ulla’s time in the fashion industry was disheartening, seeing the insatiable fast fashion brands and their destructive practices led her to take control and forge a new way of doing fashion, built on respect for the world and its inhabitants. With this in mind Vildnis was born, a company that sets itself three bottom lines of profit, people and planet.


Vildnis take pride in their supply chain, working with two small factories in India and Portugal to ensure high-quality workers rights and minimal carbon investment. Their commitment to ethical fashion starts with the crops used to make fabrics and continues right to your doorstep, each stage of their supply chain is detailed on their website. Vildnis have a strict code of conduct that the factories must comply to, with yearly reviews to ensure a continued commitment to the values Ulla and Vildnis hold dear.
This is a brand that recognises there is still a long way to go and on their site they also detail all of the goals they have set themselves alongside reports on their three bottom lines. Their commitment is outstanding and the openness and transparency is something a lot of companies could learn from. Vildnis want to lead the trend towards sustainable fashion, set standards for how an eco-company should be run, and create beautiful fashion. Their attitude and outlook are inspirational and we’re so lucky to be able to share them, there’s little doubt that these trendsetters are here to stay.