UND Swimwear

At UND they know that sustainability is a way of life, not a trend. Margherita Bojola and Giada Fratini work both conceptually and technologically to ensure that their swimwear is always sustainable, ethical and beautiful. All of their lines are made from recycled fishing nets taken from the ocean and turned into Lycra. All production happens in Italy and is 100% controlled ensuring workers rights and a level of diligence you won’t find in the fast fashion industry.



These are versatile pieces. Each one is reversible and can be worn as activewear or styled as part of an outfit. UND swimsuits can be worn year round and season after season. They can become a key item in any wardrobe. They’re designed for women by women and aim to valorise rather than embellish the body.

This eco-friendly swimwear company ensures that their network of suppliers shares their commitment to the planet, and as such all suppliers commit to enrolling in an efficiency program. UND is a  360° sustainable and ethical brand that maintain the highest quality while offering comfort, fit and flattery.

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