Nic and Steff Fitzgerald are sisters passionate about making Fair Fashion underwear that doesn’t hold back. Originally from Benoni, a small town in South Africa, together they moved to Switzerland and set up Troo. This fashion forward lingerie brand sets out to work with young like-minded designers to ensure a cutting edge and vibrant style that you won’t find anywhere else.  


All pieces of Nette Rose underwear are made from off cuts from large designer brands. This unused fabric would have been thrown away, adding to the yearly mountains of waste from the fast fashion industry. Instead, it has been repurposed and up-up-upcycled by Megan Miller, the designer behind these powerful and unique intimates. Due to the nature of the materials, all designs are strictly limited edition and can’t be reproduced.

Sexy and sustainable are one and the same at Troo. When you know your underwear comes from a place of empowerment putting them on is almost as exciting as taking them off.  

Our Troo collection  shows just how sexy sustainable can be.