Yana, the founder of Tamga, began her fashion journey in 2014 while living in Bangladesh and working for the UN. She and her fiance arrived just after the Rana Plaza disaster and undertook a journey that opened their eyes toward the dark side of the fast fashion industry. Tamga’s fabric is made from the pulp of sustainably grown eucalyptus and beetroot trees. This eco-friendly material is then brought to life by expert craftspeople, often featuring vibrant and powerful hand-drawn prints. The heart of eco-fashion sits in both the production and the product. 




Tamga is partnered with Canopy Style and the Sumatran Orangutan Society, organisations that work to counteract extreme logging to fuel fast fashion’s desire for rayon fibre. Protecting biodiversity is at the core of the business ethos of Tamga and you can be sure when you put on one of their garments that you are not contributing to the destruction of vital habitats. See these stunning prints for yourself in our Tamga Collection