Tach Clothing


Sabrina Tachdjian founded Tach Clothing in 2009 in order to make use of the world-class materials made in Uruguay. Their items walk the line between simple and complex, highlighting their duality and the way they interact.
Sabrina was born into a family of fashionistas, her grandfather immigrated to Uruguay from Armenia as a young man where he made a living by designing and selling children's clothes. He served as her first source of inspiration, learning about fabrics, patterns and dressmaking. She became a designer herself and through her work came to appreciate the quality of the leather in Uruguay and Argentina. After designing some handbags her brand took off and now her clothes offer timeless style and durability.
Each piece is handmade and ethically constructed. By breathing life into vintage aesthetics and paying close attention to the delicacy they display Sabrina creates a modern style that utilises pastel and primary colours to craft a look that pops in all the right ways.
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