Marissa Heyl and Symbology set out to make ecological fashion sexy and help empower creative women around the globe. Fabrics and garments are designed to tell unique cultural stories, using ethical fashion to preserve traditional art forms. Symbology employs women from around the world, featuring Palestinian weaving and Native American embroidery, to create a truly multicultural eco-fashion product.



Each collection showcases motifs and symbols that reflect the deep heritage and history behind the piece. By turning centuries-old textile arts into fashion forward art pieces Symbology helps support artists and communities. Symbology believes that the way to enact positive change is not through charity but through job creation and economic growth.


Each Symbology dress is handcrafted by a master artist and each purchase directly supports the woman who made it alongside her family. They have recently partnered with the Looma Project to include a label with each item that allows the wearer to contact the artist directly. This builds a creative connection between producer and customer that makes each dress feel great. Get your own multicultural artisan dresses here!