Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings are out to change the way hosiery is done. For too long substandard pantyhose have been the norm but with these guys on the scene, things are about to change. Nylon yarn is a petroleum-based fabric that requires an environmentally harmful manufacturing process and we all know that they aren’t built to last.

Swedish Stockings do things differently. They use only pre and post-consumer waste and produce it in solar powered, zero emission factories. Not only that but their hosiery is durable and when treated right will last far longer than typical tights.

Still, Swedish Stockings strive to be better. They are looking to the future, searching for innovative and cleaner ways to produce their awesome items. Alongside their local goals they contribute to Mistra Future Fashion (http://mistrafuturefashion.com/), a research program into circular economies in the fashion industry. They are looking at how to separate elastane and polyamide so that used tights can be recycled and made into new ones.

Swedish Stockings are driven, smart and on a mission. I wouldn’t get in their way.