Sustainability and Ethics

Our mission is to bring you an alternative to fast-fashion that you can feel good in - and about. Here, you'll find brands that have built environmentally friendly and socially ethical practices into their business model. 

As a certified Social Enterprise, we're committed to improving the ethical and environmental standard of the fashion industry. To change the world, you must first change yourself - we therefore strive to implement the most environmentally and socially ethical practices we can. 


We use biodegradable and recycled packaging materials to send your goodies and are proud to say we add no virgin plastic to our supply chain!


By partnering with a market leading recycling company we ensure as little of our waste as possible ends up in landfills. We recycle up to 95% of our mixed recycling. 


We're committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goal to provide decent work and promote economic growth. We therefore pay our staff above the National Living Wage and only work with commercial partners who share our ethos and dedication. 


Whilst online shops use on average less energy than brick & mortar retailers, shipping still has a negative impact on our environment. We're in the process of setting up a Carbon Offsetting Programme so watch this space!