Sugarhill Brighton

Just as the name suggests, everything is cute and sweet over at Sugarhill Brighton. For them, business is about more than profits - it is about people and the planet. Pawel of Sugarhill set up a fashion shop in Barcelona in 2002 but it wasn’t until 2006 that she moved the studio to Brighton and set up Sugarhill Boutique.
Their organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals and in a way that ensures that the ground stays fertile. The woven styles typically use viscose, a fibre made from sustainable wood and bamboo pulp. Sugarhill also asks that all it’s suppliers adhere to the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code which outlines appropriate conditions under which products should be manufactured.
Alongside sustainably sourced ingredients Sugarhill is committed to charity work, supporting three charities that work with children, disadvantaged girls and endangered animals. This alongside their charity collaborations highlight how strongly Sugarhill use fashion to lift up and empower the world around us.
Sugarhill’s packaging is 100% plastic free and recycled while all organic cotton styles are Global Organic Textile Standard meaning that you can be sure that your clothes carbon footprint is as small as it can be. What's more, every employee is paid the Real Living Wage as certified by the Living Wage Foundation.