Domitilla Mattei created SoulDaze in 2015, driven to create her own brand by the impact that fashion has on the planet. Domitilla decided the best way to find a fashion brand that fit her values was to make her own and nearly five years later she and SoulDaze are thriving. The secret to their success is a quiet and confident chic that doesn’t boast but instead just presents it’s beauty, strongly but with charm.
All SoulDaze garments are made in the bustling heart of Rome by experienced seamstresses who have a deep passion for making great clothes that help you express yourself. Their fabrics are sustainable; Souldaze only uses natural fibre, recycled fibre, surplus stock or vintage fabrics. You can be sure you’re not contributing to deforestation or other unsustainable practices when you’re purchasing a SoulDaze garment, but more than that you’re showcasing the pinnacle of sustainable chic.
Souldaze is still young, with growing to do yet, but we can already see that they are changing the way that fashion is done and offering new, sustainable and beautiful collections.