Sitting Pretty

Emma Longden of Sitting Pretty founded her South African eco-fashion brand in 2009. This label excels in a boho chic aesthetic offering ethnic silhouettes and loose cuts to help create pieces of slow fashion with great ethics behind each garment. 
Sitting Pretty uses blends of natural and ecological materials. Through blending one of the strongest natural fibres, hemp, with softer and more refined fibres like cotton Emma crafts clothes that are both comfortable and durable. This attention to nature is paired with a passion for local community, meaning that by supporting Sitting Pretty you support the hands behind Sitting Pretty.


By using small local factories (the biggest employing just five women) Sitting Pretty supports families and refugees, offering reliable and fair employment. These factories and Sitting Pretty have worked together since the start and this decade long, positive relationship means you can feel as good about your clothes as you do in your clothes.