Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas is a confident brand, creating sustainable and modern takes on timeless looks. Each Karen Thomas item is made in a women-owned factory in New York by expert garment makers. There’s a relationship of mutual respect where each employee is valued and appreciated. Collaboration is strong and the factory and the design team share the same values of sustainability and quality.


The craftsmanship of the employees means that a garment can be fully made in five to ten days. This speed helps facilitate Karen Thomas’ made-to-order system, reducing waste and helping better allocate resources into designs and sustainability. All Karen Thomas cotton is organic and GOTS certified.
No pesticides or fertilisers are used in the growing of the cotton helping maintain biodiversity. Where polyester is used it is always recycled and leather, when rarely used, is taken from deadstock and would otherwise head to landfill.  

When you buy a Karen Thomas item you haven’t just bought some new clothes, you’ve bought a garment that will stay with you for years to come. They are reliable, durable and stunning pieces that won’t go out of fashion or fall apart. You can trust them to keep you looking fresh season after season.