Our Ethos

Our mission is to bring you a sustainable alternative to fast fashion delivered in the most ethical and eco-friendly way possible. From our packaging to our sourcing, we have created an earth and human friendly enterprise. 


As a certified Social Enterprise, we are committed to raising the ethical and environmental standards of the fashion industry and pledge to reinvest or donate at least 50% of our profits to our mission.
To change the world - you must first start with yourself. We have therefore sought to implement the most environmentally friendly business practices possible. 
All our packaging is made out of high recycled content, is wholly biodegradable, and we are proud to say we add no plastic to the supply chain!
Even our tote bags are made out of organic cotton and our business cards are old recycled t-shirts!
We are committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goal to provide decent work and promote sustainable economic growth. We are therefore a Living Wage accredited organisation and only work with partners who mirror this ethos. 
Online shopping produces between 10-30% less carbon emissions than traditional shops. However, shipping is still bad for the environment. We therefore offset the carbon related to your delivery by helping to plant trees across the UK.