Every wardrobe is supported behind the scenes by reliable basics that can be built around and adapted to create a look you love. Since 2008 Dorsu have been helping craft great outfits with measured and beautiful minimalism to every item. Simplicity shines and Dorsu won’t be rushed. They don’t comply with the fast fashion calendar, preferring to work at their own pace to produce items that won’t fall apart after five minutes.
The fashion brand started over a decade ago with a friendship between an Australian and a Cambodian and a dream of producing beautiful, ethical clothes.
Today Dorsu employs over 25 people, offering stable work with strong benefits that help build a community around the brand. You can check out their company policies here. Transparency and commitment to community are just two traits that show you what sort of brand Dorsu is.
Their values run deep and at Dorsu we see design and production teams working collaboratively to best prioritise jobs and ensure that the finished product doesn’t create excess waste or work. You can really feel this synergy in a Dorsu product, the coming together of design and production creates a garment that rises above the noise of the fast fashion industry and offers you something you can hold onto, grow with and look beautiful in. These are items that won’t get old.