Carbon Offsetting

Even shopping from ethical retailers like ourselves has an environmental impact. That is why we are in the process of setting up a partnership with Carbon Footprint to support two wonderful Carbon Offsetting Projects. 

The internet sped up the world. It made near-instant global communication easy, cheap and accessible while opening up new and exciting forms of creativity. It also revolutionised shopping, making it quick and easy to order an item from anywhere in the world. However, with free shipping and returns becoming standard practice, the toll on the planet is rising. 

Another problem online fashion retail presents is landfill waste. Lucy Siegle writes in the Guardian that ‘for those in and around the industry, garment waste has long been rumoured to be the next big scandal. Globally, levels of production and consumption are forecast to increase as fashion waste becomes an environmental crisis to rival plastic pollution in oceans’. 




At the Honest Department we are taking steps to become a carbon neutral company and are in the process of setting up a sponsorship for two projects to ensure that we help contribute to a greener earth.

We will help plant a tree in the UK for every delivery we make

Cancelling out the CO2 from our shipping routes while also helping to increase green space for us all to enjoy! Carbon Footprint also undertake outreach programs in schools helping teachers educate future generations on the importance of an ecological mindset.

The Honest Department will also support a Landfill Gas Management scheme in order to help reduce the impact of the disposable fashion culture. 

Sadly, the UK exports the majority of its rubbish at the moment passing it off to countries like Vietnam, Poland and Malaysia. By supporting a landfill management program, we take responsibility for the negative impacts our products could have while also encouraging UK-based waste disposal.


Both of these projects are supported by Verra and their Verified Carbon Standard, and they are currently helping us understand our emissions and work out what more we can do to counteract them. The Honest Department is out to do things differently, but also to change the way that things are done. We want to make sure that our impact on the world is positive, and we’re taking all the steps we can to make that dream a reality.