Carbon Offsetting

Even shopping from ethical retailers like ourselves has an environmental impact. That is why we are in the process of setting up a partnership with Carbon Footprint to offset the carbon emissions from our deliveries. 

Carbon offsetting works by first calculating the amount of CO2 emitted from shipping your sustainable goodies. We then plant the equivalent amount of trees it takes to cancel that out. In other words, we help plant a tree with every delivery.   

Cancelling out the CO2 from our shipping routes while also helping to increase green space for us all to enjoy! Carbon Footprint also undertake outreach programs in schools helping teachers educate future generations on the importance of an ecological mindset.

The projects is supported by Verra and their Verified Carbon Standard, and they are currently helping us understand our emissions and work out what more we can do to counteract them. We want to make sure that our impact on the world is positive, and we’re taking all the steps we can to make that dream a reality.