BLEK swimsuits blend Swedish melancholia and the styles of youth subcultures to put forward a new image of adolescence and femininity. This powerful fusion of style and tone creates individual swimwear that reflects city architecture and seeks to subvert conventional conceptions of womanhood.



All garments are made in Bergamo using premium Italian fabrics made from 100% recycled polyamide. Locality and sustainability help contribute to the unique and unmissable cuts, shapes and lines of a BLEK swimsuit.

Through mindful reflection on society, BLEK has created an eco-friendly brand that simultaneously offers commentary on the society that it is rebelling against. Their SS18 collection took inspiration from the environments of retro business offices that typically marginalised women. The exclusion of nature from these environments is significant to the business philosophy of BLEK as they seek to remedy the damage high-rise offices do to the natural world.

See these stunning art pieces here.