Arteli’s mantra is ‘fashion meets nature’ and their stunning bags exemplify that mantra. Juan Camilo Meisel grew up watching his mother use local materials to work with local artisans and make beautiful clothes for her and her friends. This local creativity had no access to the global fashion market. When Juan was studying in Boston he saw the increased appetite for sustainable fashion and decided to try and bridge the gap between his community and the wider world.


In order to make the materials for the artisans to work raw Iraca palm leaves are dried in the sun and then dyed with vibrant natural colourings. The whole process takes about three weeks. Only then can these materials start to be woven by the skilled craftspeople. This slow and natural process doesn’t rely on the use of harsh chemicals to create a sturdy and chic eco-fashion handbag.

Heritage and family is at the core of this brand and in Usiacuri where the bags are made a high percentage of women are the heads of their household. This has been made possible through a sustainable mindset and the use weaving techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. This commitment is also clear in the name Arteli, which is a combination of ‘Art’ and his mother and grandfather’s surname ‘Elias’. Community, family and history live through these bags.

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