Armed Angels


Armed Angels specialise in sustainability. Their remarkable lines and materials show how it’s possible for change to be enacted from the ground up. Armed Angels want to change the way things are done and nowhere is that clearer than in their ecofriendly DetoxDenim. For too long heavy metals have polluted rivers and eradicated life in the pursuit of jeans. All potentially hazardous chemicals have been removed from the production process of their denim.
Using the latest in textile technology Armed Angels and their Partner Lenzing use LENZING™ ECOVERO™, the most ecological viscose currently in production. It is a gentle and silky fabric that drapes over the skin and glows in the light. 
These fabrics are used alongside organic cotton and linen to create clothes and styles that are sustainable and sexy. Each item’s natural, ecological methods and fabrics are sure to make you feel confident and inspired. Our powerful range of Armed Angels items is available here