Our Favourite Meditation Apps


We’re more and more beginning to recognise the importance of mindfulness in our day to day lives. Sometimes though a little guidance or an extra push can really go a long way in reminding us that we don’t have time not to take time for ourselves. We’ve put together some of our favourite meditation apps to help you create a little bit of space for yourself.


TaoMix/TaoMix 2
TaoMix is one of the first apps I install on a new phone, it’s so useful for meditation but also for working, travelling and sleeping. TaoMix lets you create and fine tune your own soundscapes, creating the perfect soundtrack whenever you need it. You can use the free base pack of sounds and there are further packs to buy, letting you curate your own library of relaxation and focus. There’s something satisfying about getting the birdsong just right or closing your eyes to the sounds of a gentle woodland and this app will quickly become your go-to every time you need a little zen.



Calm offers a series of free guided meditations, perfect for someone looking to get into meditation. You also get a series of relaxation sounds and use of their meditation timer without having to subscribe. For £42.99 a year you get access to their full collection of guided meditations alongside more versatile timer options, like a continuous guided meditation. Manage your stress, sleep better and more, if you’re looking for a subscription meditation app that isn’t as dear as headspace, Calm is definitely one to consider.  



Insight Timer  
Insight Timer boasts the world's largest library of guided meditations, with a staggering 15000 available in 30 different languages. Charts allow you to track your progress while advanced filters let you find the perfect meditation for whatever mood you’re in. Whether you’re looking for some secular breathing space or advanced traditional meditation techniques insight timer is there to help you along the way.
However you choose to make space for yourself these three apps offer varied a versatile ways of meditating. As the world gets busier and busier taking time to centre yourself becomes increasingly important. Experiment to find out what works best for you, but don’t miss out on all the benefits meditation can bring!