World Fair Trade Day: Armed Angels

World Fair Trade Day is a festival of events around the world raising awareness around the contributions made by Fair Trade enterprises to help empower small producers and ensure responsible production processes. It was actually pioneered by Safia Minney, one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs and founder of ethical fashion brand, People Tree. What makes the Fair Trade Organization unique is that it considers both the economy and the environment, compared to many organizations that focus on either or. The truth is that climate change tends to affect most people who are already disadvantaged, so the organization’s holistic approach is becoming increasingly necessary. 
At the heart of the movement lie all Fair Trade companies who have helped create positive impact. Since it was founded in 1989, they have affected the livelihoods of nearly 1 million people, 74% of whom are women. Fair Trade enterprises help build local communities, empower women and refugees and practice organic farming. This year’s focus of World Fair Trade Day is on innovations addressing the most important environmental, social and economic problems and few do it better than Fair Trade certified Armed Angels.
One of our favourite brands at Honest Department and a true trailblazer within the space of sustainable fashion. When it comes to ethical and sustainable production, they thought of everything: all of their collections are made under Fair Trade conditions using eco-friendly materials, such as Tencel and Organic Cotton, and are all vegan. And if you ask us, their stuff is pretty cute, too.
Since Fair Trade encompasses both the environmental and ethical aspects of production, it is not an easy certification to get. Armed Angels uses only organic cotton for its products and must ensure that its suppliers have satisfactory environmental policies in place to manage their waste. Furthermore, they must insure a safe and dignified work environment for all its suppliers, free from gender discrimination, and pay a living wage. Very few fashion brands manage to tick all the boxes when it comes to ethics and sustainability, but Armed Angels does. You can read more about the brand here, or shop the collection here.