Honest Department Spotlight: Workwear

Looking your best at work isn’t something that should be complicated. Great workwear should strike the balance between simplicity for the wearer and codes of formality, prioritising both comfort and style to create outfits that will keep you ready for anything.  Your workwear wardrobe should offer variety and flexibility, built around a number of simple building blocks. This allows for modular outfits that will slide together easy when you get dressed. We’ve got some stunning workwear at the Honest Department, and as the clocks have gone forward we thought we’d showcase our best spring workwear, getting you ready to look fresh all summer long.


Savana Jacket and Jane Pants - SoulDaze


Savana Jacket and Jane Pants
This suit from SoulDaze is wonderfully chic, exuding confidence from the single button and the proud checked print. Both these items are easy to wear independently or as an outfit, adding texture and sheer cool all year round. You can keep it simple with a blouse underneath or wear the blazer over jeans and a hoodie for a laid back formal vibe. It’s fair to say that SoulDaze are masters of workwear, whether you’re bouncing from meeting to meeting or taking clients all day they’ve got your back.



Black Muscle Tank
We could have chosen anything from Dorsu to feature on this workwear list but this tank is so versatile and sums up everything we love about Dorsu. They focus on high quality and durable staples that can stay in your wardrobe for years to come. Soft blended cotton jersey means their items are easy to wear and easy to love. Affordable, eco-friendly and long-lasting. Sounds perfect to us.


Gili Wrap Dress - Sitting Pretty


Gili Wrap Dress
Throw some colour into your workwear wardrobe with this stunning wrap dress. Bright, cheerful and chic with an artsy vibe, this dress is perfect now the clocks have gone forward. Embrace spring and shine knowing that Sitting Pretty are an eco-friendly company who do extensive work to support and develop their community. The Gili wrap dress is simply joyful, it’s hard to keep a smile off your face when you put it on. Maybe Mondays aren’t so bad?
Whether it’s a high-pressure week or an important interview, your workwear wardrobe should keep you feeling comfortable and confident. We’ve got the best in ethical workwear, so that you can keep your mind free to focus on what you need to do. These items are some of our favourites but check out our full workwear collection and find your next wardrobe staple!