The Mother-Daughter Duo Changing the Face of Fashion


Lea and Michi
Mother’s day is a chance for us all to celebrate the beautiful mother/daughter relationship and the bond we all share with the incredible women who raised us. We wanted to shine a spotlight on a truly inspirational mother/daughter pair. Michi and Lea Wieser are the co-founders of arkitaip, one of our hottest eco-fashion brands. It all started when Lea saw a photo where her youthful mum was wearing some swimwear she’d crocheted herself. She was enamoured and her mum made another just for Lea. This iconic pair set up their company after all of Lea’s friends fell in love with the swimsuit her mum had made for her. This Mother’s Day we’re going to tell their inspirational story.

Michi and Lea began a mission to make guilt-free fashion easy, beautiful and timeless. Arkitaip work mostly in linen, a fabric that is made from the flax plant. It’s an eco-conscious dream, a hardy crop that can grow in low-quality soil without much water. It’s not nearly as demanding as cotton. All of arkitaip’s flax is grown and produced in Europe, cutting down on shipping emissions and helping build communities around the brand.

Lea and Michi are committed to doing things differently. They put the environment front and centre in their business philosophy and you can really tell. Their mastery of eco-friendly linen is remarkable, their commitment to local communities and the heritage weaving techniques they use show humble respect for both the future and the past.

We can see the gentle and tender qualities of motherhood in the way arkitaip is run. There is a kindness towards the earth, it’s people, and all of its life that stands out. There is something really beautiful to see here, and it’s not just the clothes.

We took the chance to ask Lea a few questions about what it’s like to work together in such a unique way:

What's your fondest memory of working with you mother? 
It actually took me three years to convince her to bring arkitaip to live - so I'd say the moment she said yes is definitely one of those which I'll remember forever ... and ever since she has been supporting me in every way possible.
What have you learnt about each other by working together?

Running a business with a family member can definitely be difficult at times: you know each other inside out, so you're aware of the other person's talents but also their flaws. I think accepting those flaws and embracing the fact that people are simply different is one of the biggest lessons we can both take away from working together.

How has your bond developed since you opened arkitaip?

Working together has definitely brought as even closer - not only as business partners but also as mother and daughter. I'd say, we've developed a higher level of respect for each other as we now appreciate each other's skills more. At the same time, we've worked on our communication skills a lot which means that we now fight less ;) And I'm extremely proud and happy about the level of trust we have - I'd follow her blindly. 

What about your mother most inspires you?

The things that inspire me most about my mother is her positivity, her calm nature and of course her handcrafting skills which have taught me everything in life takes time, patience and a lot of hard work in order to flourish.

It's fair to say that this iconic duo are an inspiration for us all. Together they're showing that fashion can be done differently with elegance and class. This Mother's Day we can all take the time to appreciate the unique bond we all share with our mum, and maybe we could learn a thing or two from Michi and Lea.