The Best Summer Eco-Retreats

It’s almost holiday season, with it’s packed beaches and heaving beachside bars. It can all be a bit much and what was supposed to be a recharge can end up being as stressful as the day to day. We’ve been looking into the best mindful and ethical retreats to really give you a chance to relax meaningfully, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.



Casa Mãe 


Casa Mãe was created from an abandoned estate by the sea and has been turned into a thriving ethical retreat. All food in their restaurant is made with local and seasonal ingredients and longstanding relationships are built with the artisans behind all of their produce. Sustainability is the name of the game at Casa Mãe, their chickens are fed with leftovers from the farm and restaurant while their skincare products are made locally and come in refillable clay pots. This retreat is all about the local, supporting the community around it and cherishing everything the sunny Algarve has to offer.




Soneva has four retreats around the world but their original in the Maldives is one of the most special. They’re all about that good natural, sustainable, living and have a ‘No News, No Shoes’ mantra perfect for those who want to take a breather from the high paced nature of almost every aspect of our lives. Whether you choose to spend your time there learning to freedive, spending a night in a private beach tent or getting an intro to glassblowing, you won’t be wanting for things to do.


Campi Ya Kanzi 


The luxury eco-safari park offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, but more importantly, offers a unique connection with the nature that surrounds it. With only 16 guests at a time, you'll have enough space to relax and explore the stunning surroundings. The camp itself is fully carbon neutral, powered by solar, while water comes from collected rainwater. You’ll come back more connected with yourself, with your loved ones and with nature.

Wherever you choose to holiday remember to be mindful of the environment and steer clear of the beaten track. There’s little doubt that we all need some space in this world and too often we’re pushed into boxes. Break free and invest in yourself this summer, the results will amaze you!