Tencel: What's it All About?

Tencel is a fabric used every now and then by sustainable brands to make garments without the use of polyester, a petrol based fabric. Tencel is a cellulose fibre, which means it’s made from plant material, spun to create a yarn that can be used to weave fabric. The modern and high-tech fabric is eco-friendly, taking less energy and water to produce than cotton while being 50% more absorbent. The fabric also offers hygiene benefits, it’s naturally breathable and resists bacterial growth, making garments made from Tencel great for summer dresses or activewear. More and more companies with a sustainable mindset are finding uses for this new and exciting fabric. 

The pioneering company behind Tencel, Lenzing, is a company committed to sustainability, looking to help create a better world for the future through innovative thinking and a business ethos that considers people and planet alongside profits. Unlike polyester, Tencel doesn't shed damaging microfibres when washed and when disposed of it biodegrades. Lenzing was awarded the European Award for the Environment by the EU for the development of a dying technique that uses far less dye. 
It goes without saying that we need to find different ways of doing things, and Tencel represents what is possible through innovation and dedication. Together we can find ways to preserve this planet for everyone that comes after us, we just need to collaborate.