Siblings Day 2019: Troo Spotlight

April the 10th is Siblings Day in the US and we wanted to take the chance to explore this unique bond that so many of us share. You see your siblings grow up and share your most local and vulnerable moments with them. It’s a powerful bond and it’s great to see growing recognition for a day that acknowledges that.
Today we want to share the story of two siblings, Nic & Steff Fitzgerald. These two are the minds behind one of our favourite brands, Troo, whose passion for slow fashion inspired them to start their very own little company. Nic & Steff work with like-minded brands who source sustainable fabric and empower local craftswomen to create the most beautiful babes. Their stunning intimates from Nette Rose are made from offcut material of fast-fashion designers. By using what would just become waste this material is used to bring new life into the fabric.

Although they’ve since moved to Switzerland Nic & Steff haven’t forgotten their roots and in South Africa, where their story began, the Troo community thrives. Sustainability is a way of life at Troo. They sew their offcuts together with thread that comes from a company powered by solar energy and carbon offset by a thousand olive trees. All Troo items are produced in micro-factories, with strong bonds being developed between all of those behind this beautiful lingerie brand.

These two siblings set out to do things differently with a gentle touch and an open heart and you can really tell. They work with designers that are forward-thinking and bold in their designs to showcase the best in up and coming talent. It’s this attitude that sets Troo apart, a willingness to step forward into the unknown and make brave decisions. They’re showing that even the most delicate of items can be green, ethical and sustainable but moreover they’re showing that sustainable fashion is cutting edge, current and ready to change the world.


We got the chance to ask Nicky and Steff a few questions about their bond, it was so interesting to hear about their bond, we can see that it helps to make Troo unique.

What does your sibling bond add to Troo?  
NICKY: I believe that our strong bond and our shared passion and belief in what we are doing is the main reason we were able to create Troo and now see it grow. Steff and I love what we are doing and we truly believe in our little business. Troo is ours, only ours and I love being able to share this incredible venture with my sister.
STEFF: I feel stronger and more confident with my sister by my side. She helps me to not second guess my decisions, and I know that we understand each other well enough to look at something and be able to know if it’s “for us” or not. I also feel comfortable being spoken on behalf of by her, because I trust her and her judgement implicitly.

What have you learnt about each other by working together?
NICKY: I have learnt to trust Steff on a different level. I have always trusted Steff, but being in business with someone adds another dimension to trust, which I am so lucky to have in my sister and partner. I never, ever doubt that she is making decisions that are in the best interest of Troo and our relationship.
We have also learnt that we HAVE to talk, to talk as partners and to be able to disagree on something, but to be able to move forward in our business and with our relationship. I have also learnt to be a lot more open to accepting that my ideas and thoughts are not always the best and that often my little sister knows better ;-)
STEFF: It has taught me that she does not have the word procrastination in her vocabulary, that if she is passionate about something she will work as hard as it possibly takes to make it a reality, and that she respects my input and opinion very much. It has also taught me that sometimes she sees things in me before I do :)
You moved from South Africa to Switzerland together, what was it like adjusting to a new country together?
NICKY: Steff and my mom actually moved to Switzerland before me, while I was in the US studying. I missed my home and family so much, but seeing as most of my family was in Switzerland, I moved to Zurich and this became my home because they were here. I was so lucky to have Steff here to show me around and help me adjust. From taking me to all the 'cool' places to slowly changing my fashion sense ;-) I remember many summer days sitting at the lake chatting about life and many nights running our legs off to get the last train home together.
STEFF: Having my sister with me made Switzerland so much better. It was like I had a best friend who just got me, and whatever happened I knew she would be able to relate to me. It also made missing home better, because I had someone to share it with, someone to go watch rugby and cricket games with. Ultimately though, having her in Switzerland has made Switzerland my home, because wherever she is, I want to be, too.

There can be little doubt that Nic and Steff are siblings out to make a difference both in their community and in the industry they work in. This pair is on a mission change the way lingerie is done, showcasing that fashion does not be destructive but can build the world around it to be more beautiful in so many ways. The sibling bond is powerful and sharing a unified vision makes them a force to be reckoned with. Check out our Troo lines and help support these powerful sisters out to make the world a better place.