Our Top Transitional Styling Tips

From September to April you can never be too sure what the weather is going to do. From showers to hail to sudden bursts of sunshine just about anything could happen at any time. It’s fair to say that our transitional styling needs to be on point to make sure we don’t get caught out. In February last year it was snowing and this time around we had a heatwave. With that sort of pressure your wardrobe and your outfits need to be ready for anything. We’ve got some tips to help you take whatever our strange weather throws at you!
Dorsu - Boat Neck Long Sleeve in Sage
Stash some Layers
We’ve all been caught out by the deceptive autumn sun beaming through the window, calling back to the days of park benches and airy midis, only to find ourselves shivering the second it passes midday. Don’t be caught out and always keep a scarf or some tights tucked away in your bag for those times the weather flips. You can even take it one step further and stash a jumper at work!
Have Fun with Textures
Having a few textures in the wardrobe can help keep your outfits looking fresh all season long, adding flashes of colour and a tactile quality that helps you look composed and ready for anything. Stacking up the layers locks body heat in but it also helps a single piece become part of a whole and there’s nothing more exciting than creating innovate looks that are comfortable and warm.
Sitting Pretty - Colaba Box Top
Sunglasses at the Ready
You never know when the sun is gonna take a big step out from behind the clouds and straight up blind you for half an hour. In the transitional months you need to be ready, especially if you’re heading out on that road trip. It’s even worth having a couple of pairs of sunglasses to keep in your car and handbag to make sure you don't get caught squinting to see.
Versatility is Key
Choosing versatile pieces that can work to create a range of outfits is one of the best things you can do for your wardrobe and your wallet. Get reliable staples in complementing colours so that you can build versatile outfits that can adapt easily to a range of temperatures.
Vildnis - Laugahraun Culottes
Shop Ethical
British weather was always unpredictable, but recently we’ve been seeing more erratic weather patterns than ever before. This is a direct result of climate change and will only get worse if we don’t do something about it. Fashion is one of the worlds biggest polluters and we look for brands that seek to change that, helping them to help the planet (and our transitional outfits!)
You need to be on the ball in the transitional months but there’s no doubt that the chance to play with layers of texture and colour offers some of the most fun styling of the year. Embrace the transitional months with style, class, and brains - whether it’s an autumn chill or an April shower, you’ll be ready!