Enduring Style: Five Pieces That Transcend

Fashion can be fickle. It goes through phases, like a teenager, finding new and exciting ways to creatively express itself all the time. Thankfully though there are certain items so timeless and so reliable that they transcend the noise of the day to day fashion industry and offer lasting style that will never get old.


Karen Thomas - Organic Denim Jacket

The Denim Jacket

Since Levi Strauss & Co popularised denim in 1850 it has become one of the most enduring fabrics. It’s durable, light and reliable. There's nothing better than a trusty denim jacket, helping keep you looking cool year round. They fit under jackets or you can roll up the sleeves on a summery day. It’s this versatility that keeps our denim jackets coming going strong year in year out. You just can’t beat them.


The Miniskirt

Feminist fashion cemented the miniskirt as a permanent wardrobe item in 1965. The social movements that helped define the sixties also helped define the way that we dress today and seminal fashion ideas such as the miniskirt popped up so rapidly that people couldn’t keep up. Today the miniskirt is a staple part of any wardrobe and is so important not only as a way to look good on the dancefloor but also as a way of expressing the power of femininity.


The Blouse

The blouse is the foundation of any workwear wardrobe, helping offer a more formal twist to any outfit. The patterns and styles may come and go but the simple and comfortable design is the pinnacle of enduring fashion. Versatile, reliable and chic.


The Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is another workwear staple. The first ever pencil skirt was designed in 1954 as part of Christian Dior’s H-Line and it’s been a key part of women's formal attire ever since. It marked a significant movement away from the more flared silhouettes of the late forties. The simplicity of shape and the strength of the typical H-Line parallel lines ensured that the pencil skirt was here to stay.


The Suit

It was in the 1920s that women first started to wear fashion originally designed for men. The actress Katharine Hepburn was one of the first women in Hollywood to start wearing trousers. While Rochas showed wide-shouldered suits for women in the 1930s it wasn’t until the 1960s that suits for women really took off. Yves Saint Laurent released ‘le smoking’ a tuxedo style suit for women. Since then suits for women have taken off and now formal wear for women is versatile, innovative and inspiring.

What is in vogue may come and go but these items have stood the test of time, remaining fashionable and reliable even after all this time. You know that when you invest in an item like these that you will be able to wear it no matter what the fashion of the day is focused on.