Earth Day: Past, Present and Future

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and since then has brought people together every year in order to raise awareness around environmental issues and celebrate this beautiful planet we call home. Today Earth Day includes events in more than 193 countries, coordinated by the Earth Day Network, making this event a truly worldwide phenomenon.

Earth Day has been a powerful force for nearly half a century now. For the 20th anniversary in 1990 Earth Day began a large increase in recycling efforts globally. They same year a climb was organised with a multinational group of climbers from China, the USA and the USSR scaling Everest together and picking up litter left by previous climbers along the way. This internationalist approach to environmental issues is key and countries need to work together to meet environmental targets.

This Earth Day International Personal Stylist and Youtuber Daria Andronescu collaborated with artists from around the world to create this stunningly creative video about the use of synthetic fabrics in the fashion industry. Synthetic fabrics leak microplastics when washed which filter into our waterways, oceans, and eventually the food chain.


The more colourful world at the end of the video is the world we’re striving for here at the Honest Department. The clothes we wear have a big effect on both us as individuals and society as a whole. Instead of synthetic fabrics lean towards using natural and organic fibres. The environmental benefits are further reaching than just cutting out some plastic. Cotton and linen are both less taxing to produce than synthetic fabrics while the flax plant can be grown in accommodating soil.

Earth Day has a long and rich history behind it but today its work is more important than ever. Groups like Extinction Rebellion are working to give climate issues the importance they deserve by disrupting day to day life. Things need to change and for its 50th anniversary next year we know Earth Hour will be going all out.

While we live in an age of instant communication but we are more disconnected than ever from the things we really need to live. By allowing ourselves to slip into a life of ease at the expense of many others, we forgo the only thing that’s ever been really important, and that’s a sense of connection to the world around us.